We are at the beginning of a new phase for the planet and all life on the Earth where the frequency of love comes more into play. The hearts of humankind begin to open more and more to the new frequencies of love as the Earth herself awakens and brings forth her own energies of love that bless all who live here.

Not all are ready for this transition and they will find their way in their own time when it is right for them. For now, it is important to know that the transformation of the human race is becoming more evident, and those who came to lead the way are to be thanked for their continuing efforts to bring the Earth and her inhabitants to a place in the Light. The work becomes easier now as more awaken and join the process to help others come into the light of the Fifth Dimension consciousness.

As we become aware of our own process of awakening we recognize the gift of living in a body, a part of the Mother Earth, with so many senses that are not available elsewhere in the Universe. The Earth still has much to share and teach us as we begin to live more in tune with her nature for she is a wondrous place in the Universe of Love and Light.

We begin to see and appreciate the gifts of living in a physical body of greater intelligence and wisdom than we have known before, because of our living in a third dimension state of being where the fear based consciousness of the mind has ruled our thoughts for so long.

Now is the time to live in the laws of nature, where the mind of the heart rules and the intelligence and wisdom of the body show the way. All of nature is in tune with the mind of God and the Mother, and it is a blessed place to be.

This message from SANANDA was received March 4th, 2014, by Ann Thomas.



... Just for today live in our heart ...

Ann Thomas