The term Ascended Master has long been understood to mean one who has acquired a higher or greater understanding of the process of life, one who is able to master the degree of influence his or her mind has over their physical existence. This means being free of the negative effects of the past and so able to make choices from the present moment in time. As we move through this ascension process there is an understanding that all experiences are opportunities for growth. We give up our need for control. There is no need for ego based thoughts. There is more compassion and less critical judgement of others. That we are all part of the whole.

As we become more attuned to life as it is meant to be lived we become more in tune with the Mother Earth and the ebb and flow of her energies which require us to keep a stable balance of peace in our own plane of existence. There is a science to this we are not able to understand now, but we will experience this flow of energy for ourselves, and become more able to feel this earth energy, for we are a part of the Mother too, and must come into alignment with her Laws of Nature as well as the laws of the Universe of Love and Light. As she breathes so do we. As she awakens we do so also, and the beauty that is present here on Earth becomes more available to our senses. The process of disease and aging we have been accustomed to will no longer exist, as our bodies will not grow tired and worn from the extremes of stress they have endured in the past. Death as we have known it will cease to exist, for we will simply transfer from one life to another. The energy of the Earth will take care of the physical form we live in now, just as it was meant to do when life was first created on the Planet Earth.

As we move beyond the steps of Ascension into further enlightenment, we will understand and know the process of life itself. For now we must content ourselves with the knowing that we are moving away from the fear based frequencies and into those based on love that will help us heal and to become whole again. To live on Earth in the past has only been possible for a fragment of our whole self, and we look forward to a time when our whole, pure self, will be able to walk the Earth in full embodiment, and not just a part.

As time, as we know it, comes to an end and we become more completely able to live in the present moment, there will be a shift in consciousness that we have watched and waited for as the new time on Earth begins, and we will celebrate with joy in our knowing of this wonderful place we live in now. Creation of a new life on Earth will create changes in the Universe of Love and Light, for there will be no more need to shield the Earth's energy field to protect her from contaminating the Universe of Love and Light, and she will once again take her rightful place as a jewel among planets in the Universe of Love and Light.



... Just for today live in our heart ...

Ann Thomas